Cooking With Ruby On Rails 4 - A Rails Crash Course

Interested in learning this powerful Web development technology? Now you can get started on the fast track with this simple Rails tutorial that walks you through the basics of the framework as you build a simple recipe book.

This guide covers

  • Basic MVC in Rails, including creating landing pages
  • Creating interfaces with scaffolding
  • Modifying scaffolded interfaces to discover how Rails works
  • Using unit tests to implement validation
  • Creating relationships between models
  • Writing basic queries
  • Styling the interface with Sass and the Asset Pipeline
  • Creating a search feature driven by tests
  • Deployment to Heroku

This tutorial is available for free, and so we're asking for a modest donation to continue the development of tutorial resources like this. Technology changes fast, and we want to be able to provide quality training resources to the community. In sthe past, doners have helped fund Rails deployment and development articles. Thanks to support from people like you, we plan to publish more tutorials like this one.

Download the Rails 5 version (beta)

Download the Rails 4 version

These links will always point to the most current release of the book. See the book's Changes page for specific details about each change.