Short-Attention-Span Docbook

Docbook is a way for authors to write books and articles using XML rather than a word processor. While that might seem crazy at first, Docbook allows authors to mark up their content in a way that allows for easy reuse and distribution, whether it be in print, a PDF, a Rich Text file, or a web page.

The purpose of the Short-Attention-Span Docbook project is to make it easy for aspiring authors and software developers to quickly get started writing books with Docbook. The package includes the latest Docbook XML Stylesheets, project generators, and all of the tools you need to take a book from the XML file to PDF, RTF, or HTML.


First, Download the readme file in PDF to see how this all comes together. It contains installation instructions and directions on how you go about creating your first book.

Next, grab the package for your environment.

Short Attention Span Docbook 1.5.1

Consult the readme file for complete installation instructions.

Open Source

You can grab the latest bleeding-edge version of this build chain on Github .

Textmate Support

If you want to use TextMate to work on your books, you can download the Docbook5 Textmate bundle .