CopyQ version 1.2.3

A unique inexpensive tool that lets you create batches of file copy operations so you can move or copy multiple files to multiple destinations. Similar products can cost hundreds of dollars. CopyQ is a product we created for our own use and you can benefit by getting a copy for only $25.00!

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  • Automate backup operations
  • Copy or move multiple source files to multiple destinations over a network
  • Save lists of files to be copied later
  • Easily migrate entire directory structures to a new computer
  • Archive your source files for easy backup!

See the complete features list for more information about this program.

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Download a free demo version today!

The demo is limited to processing five file operations and does not allow you to save, load, or schedule lists of files. The demo version does not expire, but we encourage you to purchase a full version if you find this program useful.

Download the file copyqdemosetup.exe (1.7MB)

Purchase a full version today!

A full, unrestricted version can be purchased for only $25.00. Full versions are eligible for support and free upgrades for the life of the program.

Volume Licenses

To purchase a volume license of this software with special discount pricing, please email