CopyQ Features List

  • Easy to use graphical interface that makes copying and moving files easier than ever
  • Move and copy files, with options to duplicate or overwrite existing files
  • Automate backup operations with the optional command-line interface
  • Copy one file to multiple destinations
  • Copy or move multiple source files to multiple destinations over a network
  • Save lists of files to be copied later or to be run on a schedule
  • Easily migrate entire directory structures to a new computer
  • Drag and Drop interface allows you to use Windows Explorer to queue files
  • Create an archive of your source files
  • Extensive help file

People are already using CopyQ to

  • Publish their web sites across a network
  • Automatically back up their files
  • Schedule nightly file restores
  • Help when backing up files before a format
  • Archive their important data files
  • Assist in the deployment of applications to new computer systems