Web Development

Web Design

We'll work with you to build a small, simple, easy-to-navigate website to help you educate your customers.

Basic web design *

Designing and implementing a basic web site with content that you provide. Our designs are done by hand using the latest Web technologies, such as XHTML and Cascadign Style Sheets to improve accessibility, usability, and compatibility.

Graphics manipulation

Repairing, restoring, or optimizing graphics for use on your web site. If you provide us with less than adequate images, we may be able to touch them up and make them look perfect on your web site.

Graphics creation

Designing and creating logos, buttons, and custom artwork for your website. Our experienced developers have a good eye for graphics. We use the latest tools to create eye-catching content. We also use industry-standard tools to create these graphics so you can use the logos we create in other types of media such as print or video.


Working with you to teach you how to maintain your site


Contracting with us to maintain your existing web site content and develop future content to keep you on the "cutting edge"

Application Development

Got an idea for a new web application? We've helped startups launch some pretty amazing products, and we'd love to help you. We develop applications using Ruby on Rails and open-source technologies to help you save money.

Web Site Database Development and Programming:

Do you have a catalogue of prodcts or a gallery of images that you want to share with your audience? Perhaps you want to collect information from your customers or even customize the user's experience based on information you collect.

We can develop an entire database solution for your web site. You can then track your client and product information, or create unique web pages that can dynamically draw from your database based on your users' selections

Client-side Scripting

JavaScript rollovers, pop-up windows, pop-up menus, form validation, or more advanced functionality such as AJAX-enabled web applications.

Intranet Development

Share and exchange a variety of information and files, such as project timelines, general information, photos, spreadsheets, and more with a custom private intranet. Your employees can connect from home, on the road, or anywhere they have Internet access.

Content Management

With a content-management system, you can maintain your content without learning how to write web pages. We can provide an interface that allows you to update your content, product information, employee information, or other time-critical information.

Secure Online Payments **

Allow your customers to purchase products or services over the web. We work with a web host that can provide secure online credit card transactions, so your customers' personal data is safe.

* We do not host web applications. We will help you locate a suitable web hosting provider, or work with your system administrators to work with our solutions.
** E-Commerce requires additional services which will have their own recurring monthly charges. These charges are separate from our development and design services.