Accessible Web Development

Statistics show that one in five Americans has a moderate to severe disability, one that affects their hearing, vision, learning ability, or physical ability. Usability studies show that a vast majority of web sites completely ignore this demographic.

We firmly believe that every web page should be accessible to those with disabilities, and we strive to find new ways to reach audiences while still creating eye-catching content.

Making web pages that are accessible can make them more usable for your entire audience. We keep page sizes small so they download fast. We make sure that Flash animations can be skipped. We make sure that your web site will look good on all web browsers.

Unlike government agencies and universities, private businesses are not required by law to make their sites accessible, but we believe that excluding close to 20% of your audience is not a good business strategy.

We can provide training for you and your developers on how to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. We can also teach you tried and true techniques on how to make your web site friendly to all users. Contact us today for more information.